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Georgiy Lomakov



Ukrainian born cellist Georgiy Lomakov has harvested an impressive number of awards and prizes.

He was six when he began lessons with Valentina Rymachevskaya-Balon at the Stoljarski Music School in his home town of Odessa and only two years later took first prize at an international competition in Uzbekhistan. By the age of nine he had been accepted by the famous Lysenko Music School in Kiev where he studied first with Yuri Polans-ki and later with Yelena Tchervova. At twelve he took the first prize at the international Antonio Janigro Competition in Zagreb, Croatia...


C.Debussy Sonata Georgiy Lomakov & Radoslaw Kurek
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A.Dvorak Cello Concerto, Georgiy Lomakov - cello, Kimbo Ishii -conductor, Magdeburg Philharmonic Orchestra

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